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As a software agency, the AlienGen team spends the bulk of its time on client work, making sure we’re delivering the best possible user experiences in tools that people will love to use. Our values are built on the idea that if we make people’s lives easier, they’ll want to continue working with us in the long-term. This is true for our customers, and also true for our employees. It’s for this reason that AG developed its first in-house product!

How Axione transformed their supplier relationship management

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AlienGen aims to realize the digital transformation of companies. In order to achieve this goal, a company will often have to go through some key steps: The first, from analogue to digital: moving paper-based data to a digital store, on premises or in the cloud. Second, digitalization: to create new value from the digitized content via aggregated data visualizations, reporting, and recommendation, analysis and automation of processes, or new paradigms of user interaction.

Empowering sales to offer a frictionless in-store customer experience

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At AlienGen, one service we provide is the maintenance of software infrastructure that supports and runs our customers’ operations. As a global company we deal with global customers whose operations require servers and data sources to be located in different countries and regions. Invariably, these systems must interact and exchange data across borders and long distances.With a full understanding of the data flow and the challenges of global data exchange, we are able to create new touchpoints inside an infrastructure to improve the digital transformation of a company.

How Baosteel uses RF-ID to improve their processes

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At AlienGen we love to design and implement innovative solutions that work for people. We get really excited when a design problem comes at the intersection of complex offline or physical processes and business goals of transparency and process analysis. Our mission is always to enhance and augment workflows to ensure happiness, safety and efficiency. We believe these 3 factors are not incompatible if you have the right tools to make your employees work on what matters.