Empowering sales to offer a frictionless in-store customer experience

Empowering sales to offer a frictionless in-store customer experience

At AlienGen, one service we provide is the maintenance of software infrastructure that supports and runs our customers’ operations. As a global company we deal with global customers whose operations require servers and data sources to be located in different countries and regions. Invariably, these systems must interact and exchange data across borders and long distances.

With a full understanding of the data flow and the challenges of global data exchange, we are able to create new touchpoints inside an infrastructure to improve the digital transformation of a company.

About CottonSociety

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Cotton Society is a provider of tailor-made shirts sold through an e-commerce platform and a flagship store in Paris. Since being incorporated in 2012, it has grown to 20 employees and now realizes more than 1 million dollars in turnover and they’re about to embark on an expansion to further European markets.


As the company has grown, multiple operational bottlenecks have been identified. Chief among them is the time spent on tracking and managing the garment production process which has taken on even more importance as the business scales. In order to maintain a good quality of service during this growth period, Cotton Society developed a requirement for digitalization of their processes including their in-store order taking.

Creating luxury tailor-made shirts that customers will love requires obtaining a customers measurements and recording an array of customization choices from the customers. For Cotton Society’s online customers, this is a breeze to use their e-commerce platform. But in-store, it’s a different story. If the staff are stuck at a computer to take orders, they must handle their customers one at a time, with potentially long wait times due to customers changing requirements or delaying making decisions about their customizations.


The proposed and implemented solution was a cash desk interface running on tablets with the ability to input orders for multiple customers at any one time. It empowers staff members with the ability to consult with their customers in a more free-form and personalized fashion rather than being stuck at a Point-of-sale (PoS) machine.

As AlienGen was already handling the full end-to-end process of shirt manufacturing in the back-office, we were able to provide a solution that fit the requirements of the business and also optimize their process along the way.

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