UI/UX design

UI/UX design

One term that always pops up in today’s web or app development conversations is User Experience or UX. Nowadays it is no longer just about creating a visually appealing website or app, but about providing an experience to the user when they browse through your app or website.

But what is UI/UX: Understanding design and experience

UI: UI or User Interface is the skin that is on top of the code that makes up your digital platform. Hence it can be a button, navigation bar, app icons, transitions, loading screen, the lot! Basically, UI makes use of the visual part of your app or website.

UX: UX or user experience is what the user feels while using your app or website. Great user experience means that the user has a great time interacting and navigating through your digital platform. It will be uncluttered and guides the user in finding relevant information.

UI can be seen as a subset of UX as UI makes up for a large portion of the UX.

And why is UI/UX design important? The reason is pretty simple. Even if a website or an app is made aesthetically pleasing, it does not guarantee easy navigation or information transfer. In essence, the user will not feel a sense of satisfaction after using it. And for businesses, a satisfied customer means a new lead, a purchase, or recurring visits.

Companies are actively investing in UI/UX design

Businesses have largely become online these days. And like a storefront that you have for your physical store, you need a virtual one for your online store.

Like a well laid out store, your online website or app must be easy to navigate and figure out. This is why more and more companies are actively investing in UI/UX design. It is seen that for every one dollar that the company spends for UI/UX, they reap benefits in the range of $10-$100.

The impact of UX is crystal clear: the more satisfied your users are, the more likely they are to do whatever it is you are encouraging,” Abby Covert, information architect and author of How to Make Sense of Any Mess.

This quote is further solidified by studies done on the same subject. For example, a 2016 study involving 408 companies showed that the more you send on UX, the greater your results in terms of ROI. The companies that invested large sums into UX had reported a sales increase of 75%!

Forrester conducted similar research on UX and found that companies who lead the competition in terms of UX saw their results triple when companies to their peers.

Now, is there a concrete relation between UI/UX on getting you more revenue? No there isn’t because the data is too vast and there are a ton of variables at play. But when you look at the overall trend, their results are much clear!

Why your business needs UX/UI design

The facts and figures we have laid out here paint a clear picture of the importance of investing in UI/IX design. If you are on the fence about spending your money on a new UI/UX strategy, do it for your customers.

A better UI and UX help in customer retention and satisfaction. You must have felt frustrated by a website that is cluttered and hard to navigate. It kills the whole experience and leaves a bad taste.
Give your customer a better business experience and you will see a decrease in customer queries and complaints. Everybody wins!

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