How Axione transformed their supplier relationship management

How Axione transformed their supplier relationship management

AlienGen aims to realize the digital transformation of companies. In order to achieve this goal, a company will often have to go through some key steps: The first, from analogue to digital: moving paper-based data to a digital store, on premises or in the cloud. Second, digitalization: to create new value from the digitized content via aggregated data visualizations, reporting, and recommendation, analysis and automation of processes, or new paradigms of user interaction.

For example: an organization, with the help of AlienGen, centralizes its customer data into a warehouse including contact information, purchase and support history. Supported by a custom-built user-first interface, service technicians are empowered with information about their customers previous touch points and are intelligently provided with known solutions to problems.

About Axione

Axione is a French construction company building nationwide telecoms infrastructure, specialising in optical fiber deployment. Axione is a subsidiary of the industrial powerhouse Bouygues. In 2017 the group had over 115,950 employees in 90 countries, generating €32.9 billion in revenue.


Axione had already made the first step in their transformation with all of their data stored in a digital format. However, the pain point for them that this data store was mostly spread sheets. A whole organization’s operational data was hidden away in unknowable silos. Every day, as thousands of bytes of data was generated and transferred between internal departments and external clients, it became an impossible task for the company to keep track of what was happening, and to avoid the loss of information.

Axione needed to centralized the information in a common source of trust used by every entity of the company. This involved changing the way people work together, and would have presented problems if not handled properly.


With a tailor-made solution provided by AlienGen, Axione succeeded in deploying a platform which become the reliable source of trust for internal financial managers and external contractors.

Our delivered software focuses on the user experience and is designed to fully integrated with the existing processes of the company, ensuring that every user enjoys using the platform and eases change management pains. This has lead to a great acceptance factor from employees to suppliers and drastically reduced onboarding time for internal and external operators.

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