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We create custom information systems that
deliver on your business goals

AlienGen, a software company in Shanghai, China, lets you digitize and evolve the core functions of your business with digital transformation strategies and bespoke, custom-crafted solutions, without worrying about the technical details.

When you engage AlienGen, you'll get a team of engineers whose reputation depends on the success of your business. They'll 'live in your shoes' to develop insights and propose solutions that could accelerate your ability to deliver your value proposition to your customers and clients.

At AlienGen, we help businesses grow, by designing technology tools they need to reach maximum operating efficiency

Focus on growth

Automate the boring stuff

You can't afford to spend operational resources managing process. The right tools leave you free for value-generating activities.

Gather Intelligence

Make smart decisions

A modern company must have insights into data across the business in order to make the right strategic decisions.

Move fast

Understand tomorrow, today

To stay competitive, businesses need to understand and analyze customer behaviours and trends, and respond quickly.

Drive growth and optimize efficiency with custom solutions from AlienGen

Information Systems

  • Free your business from common bottlenecks with process automation and improvement
  • Increase confidence and reduce risk with highly reliable and robust process and workflow management

Business intelligence

  • Keep your finger on the pulse with visualisations, dashboards and analytics engines
  • Gain deep insights via aggregation and transform of data sources with pipelines, lakes and warehosue

Machine learning

  • Reveal unknown opportunities for digital transformation with deep learning and artificial intelligence routines
  • Predict your new busines model with categorisation and trend-matching from unstructured data

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Total confidence in a team of engineers who understand your vision and have the mad skills to make it reality

Committed to
your success

We're not a 'get-it-done and run' provider. We're more interested in the long-term success of our clients and relationships.


A proven track-record simplifying complex systems and interactions into interfaces and workflows users love to use

Organizational prosperity

Built-in value creation — whether you're eliminating operational bottlenecks or looking to unlock opportunities for scaleability and growth

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